Take the Rainforest Alliance's Climate Pledge

We've reached a critical point. Though the effects of climate change continue to worsen, the world is finally waking up and committing to doing something about it.

The historic climate deal reached at the UN Climate Talks in Paris is an encouraging step in the right direction. Most notably, nations have made commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prioritize forest conservation as a strategy to combat climate change.

But while a treaty was reached, this alone will not be enough to keep global warming at bay. Big changes will need to be made in agriculture, to further reduce deforestation. And forest-dependent communities will face multiple challenges: not only will there be more pressure for them to manage forests sustainably, they will also need to find ways to adapt to drought, food shortages, and extreme weather patterns in the wake of a changing climate.

The Rainforest Alliance is working to advance strategies that help communities implement sustainable, climate-smart farming and forestry practices and adapt to climate change. Now, we need your voice to make sure businesses and governments understand that these solutions are available and necessary.

Join a movement of concerned citizens that are dedicated to finding practical and effective solutions to climate change—sign our climate pledge today!