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Imagine standing at the outer edge of the Amazon rainforest. You’re looking at shades of green you never imagined. The sounds of birds, monkeys, and insects fill your ears. The air is cool and moist, the ground is soft.

But if you were to return to this same spot a year later, or even in a few months, the forest would be farther away. The air would be dryer and hotter. The wildlife and biodiversity will have vanished.

With your help, we can halt and even reverse this devastation.
Traditional agriculture drives 80 percent of tropical deforestation and produces 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. As agriculture swallows up forestland the impacts of climate change are accelerating, biodiversity habitat is threatened, and entire species are facing extinction.
But farmers who work with the Rainforest Alliance not only protect native biodiversity and wildlife habitat, they use climate-smart methods that let them increase their productivity, thereby erasing the need to clear forests to expand cropland.
With your help, we’re establishing climate-smart agriculture in vulnerable regions around the globe. Climate-smart agriculture supports sustainable livelihoods; protects native ecosystems and biodiversity; halts the destruction of High Conservation Value Areas; and reduces pollution from fertilizers, pesticides, and methane emissions. Farmers help maintain carbon sinks while protecting their crops’—and their families’—futures.
Comprehensive strategies like these are our best chance to conserve rainforests. But we must move faster and operate on a much larger scale to ensure a future for our forests and our planet. Your donation has the power to prevent deforestation, ensure sustainable livelihoods, slow climate change, and save wildlife habitat. Please make a tax-deductible gift today.

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